Tenure Expansion

This is what the current tenure looks like, a 50m² box around the cabin and a 15m wide 450m long tow line.

In 2013 and 2014 a gathering of approximately 6 open community meetings were held to discuss expanding the tenure to capture all of the trails on Sunshine Mountain and provide better management opportunities into the future.

Currently the Mission, Vision, and Goal for the management of the area are as follows:

Mission: To maintain the area and history of Sunshine Mountain as well as build upon the year-round community outdoor recreation area benefitting residents,  and visitors alike.



Vision: To rebuild and create additional recreational and adventure amenities that enhance quality of life for local residents while generating sustainable business and economic development opportunities supporting long-term prosperity of the area.

Goal: To be a respected, well known, and unique backcountry community recreation area available for public use and future generations.

A full expanded tenure application was submitted to FLRNO in early 2015 by the Bralorne Recreation Area Sunshine Mountain Committee. Tenure applications seem to be very popular these days and the process was a little over loaded and slow. Finally, in spring 2017 FLNRO came back to the committee recommending a Section 57 tenure option for Bralorne Recreation Area – Sunshine Mountain. Section 56/57 tenure options are managed in partnership with Recreation Sites and Trails BC. Many campgrounds, mountain bike trails and recreation areas fall under these tenures. Kingdom Lake campground is an example of a Section 56, and many of the mountain bike trails in the SLRD fall under section 57.

In September 2017 the new Section 57 application was submitted and received by FLNRO. In February 2018 our FLNRO agents requested for us to include a detailed phases of development section to the application. They requested this in three 10 year phases with benchmarks and maps. They feel that having this within our application will ease our application through the public referral process and eliminate any possible worries or concern on mass development.

All of this has only been possible through support from Electoral Area A of the SLRD, BRVCA, and Cascade Environmental's commitment to the project.

Please see the proposed area of our BRA Section 57/56 application.

Very exciting. If you wish to see the current version of the management plan click the button.  Stay tuned for more on the phases of development over the next few months.